Branch engineering

Food manufacturing industry

Implementation of electric installation works at food manufacturing sites in correspondence with state sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations. Project solutions of control and automation of farmyards, production and packaging conveyor lines.

Every ObninskMashEnergo construction electrician working at food manufacturing sites must have a health book and know sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations. We control the way our workers follow strict requirements of works implementation such as usage of only metal instruments and devices for finding metal in foods with the help of magnet, which is not possible when you use plastic; wearing a sanitary uniform, which helps detect its contamination in time and exclude the risk of getting odd particles

into manufacturing foods; usage of particular installation and construction materials. Our team of design engineers is ready to calculate Automatic Process Control System both for typical technological processes such as conveyor production and disposal management of final products and for sector-specific technologies involved in cattle feeding, records and index control.