Branch engineering

Integrated solutions

Regardless of the type of industry your company develops, the key principle is always the same. That is to use fully all the available resources

All the required licenses are actual

Non-waste industry is the factor that lets considerably reduce the cost of final products. Complete automation, permanent monitoring of high-precision equipment, efficient process of equipment work are the main reasons of minimum loss of production capacity and almost 100% use of available resources. ‘ObninskMashEnergo’ has proved itself to be a reliable contractor in those industry types where the quality of implemented work and project solutions influences both commercial success and people’s lives.

Our company has access to engineering and implementation of projects for particularly dangerous and technically complex objects of permanent buildings construction which lets us solve the most difficult tasks. More than 10000 people working at the sites designed and built by us can definitely tell you about high-level reliability and efficiency of our project solutions. Today we are successfully implementing projects in the most leading and important industry branches in all production stages from raw material recovery to its processing.